A Survey of The New Testament 2

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A Survey of The New Testament 2

The Gospels

A 3-Part Series

Course Cost: $150 Includes Tuition & Materials

In this 3-Part Series The New Testament will come to life in a way like never before. Passageswill have a brief commentary, while enabling you to see how background material—such asintertestamental history, Judaism, and other historical matters that help interpret the text.

This course will feature photos and updated/improved maps, links to relevant websites forfurther study, outlines, study goals, summaries, and review questions for each chapter.Students will also have access to phonetic pronunciations for unfamiliar names and terms,breakouts with illustrative quotes from ancient, non biblical literature.

In A Survey of The New Testament 2, we will be exploring the “The Four Canonical Gospels andActs”. We will also cover “The Apocalypse” also known as Revelations.Students will learn about who and why the letters of the gospels were written and for whatpurpose. Your textbook will bring this course alive by the beautiful historical and ancient pictorialworks, charts and maps to help the reader dive deeper into the learning experience. You will begiven a perspective from both a gentile and jewish view of the times. Having a deeper studyinto what it means to be a Christian will help the student into a “growing personal relation withGod through His Son Jesus Christ”.

Instructor: Roy Rosser

2nd Course in a 3-Part Series

12 week course with 6 sessions

Live & Interactive Class Experienced on the Zoom platform.

Begins January 17, 2023 and is every other Tuesday at 8:00pm Est

Course Series:

  • A Survey of The New Testament 1 The Historical Backgroundof The New Testament ComingSoon!
  • A Survey of The New Testament 2 The Gospelsis availableas a Live & Interactive course
  • A Survey of The New Testament 3 Coming Soon!

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