A Survey of The Old Testament 2

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A Survey of The Old Testament 2

Thou Shalt Not, The Giving & Receiving of The Law

A 3-Part Series

Course Cost: $150 Includes Tuition & Materials

Join us as we do a comprehensive Survey of the Old Testament!In this 3-Part Series,The Old Testament will come to life in a way never before... not only will youlearn the stories of the Old Testament, but you will get theology, geography, archaeology,history, formation of the Old Testament canon, and the Old Testament's relationship to the NewTestament. You will also be taught relevant Hebrew throughout.

Features are included for each Book of the Old Testament: Writing of the Book, Background,Outline of the Book, Purpose and Message, Structure and Organization, Major Themes,Questions for Further Study and Discussion.

In A Survey of The Old Testament 2, we continue our journey through the Old Testament withthe focus of the understanding of the many facets of God and his redemptive work that ismasterfully weaved through the scriptures.

Extricating the difference in language and cultures is pointed out to bring out the understandingas well. Old Testament 2 will learn more of the letter of the law with Leviticus, Numbers andDeuteronomy. Then a preparation of the Historical Books will take place to set the stage forJoshua and Judges!

Instructor: Heidi Begley

2nd Course of The Survey of The Old Testament 3-Part Series

12 week course with 6 sessions

Live & Interactive Class Experienced on the Zoom platform.

Begins January 24, 2023 and is every other Wednesday at 6:00pm Est

Course Series:

  • A Survey of the Old Testament 1 In The Beginning &The Pentateuchis available as aSelf-Study course
  • A Survey of the Old Testament 2 Thou Shalt Not, TheGiving & Receiving of The Law isavailable as a Live & Interactive course
  • A Survey of the Old Testament 3 Coming Soon!

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