Demonology & Deliverance 1

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Demonology & Deliverance 1



A 3-Part Series

Course Cost: $150 Includes Tuition & Materials

Our Self-Study courses are a brand new experience for our sessions at Paul Begley School ofProphecy! Self-Study allows you to:

  • Study at your own pace
  • Learn on your own schedule
  • Have exclusive access to the course instructor for Q&A
  • Catch up on missed sessions on our Series courses

This Powerful 3-Part Series is an intense training course for students to discover the spiritualrealm!

This training will entail the truth of the power of the cross and the blood of Jesus Christ againstdemonic forces. It will also be a continuation of intense training of the evil that attempts toencompass the world.

Demonology & Deliverance 1 will teach you God’s provision for deliverance oversatanic powers and principalities. Focusing primarily on doctrine,examined in volume one are such topics as the origin of Satan anddemons, the names of Satan, recognizing demon power, demons anddisease, the casting out of evil spirits, and demon influence upon thebeliever.

Instructor: Pastor Paul Begley

1st Course in a 3-Part Series

12 week course with 12 sessions

Self-Study Class

Exclusive access to the course Instructor for Q&A

Course Series:

  • Demonology & Deliverance 1 Originsis availableas Self-Study course
  • Demonology & Deliverance 2 Practicalityis availableas Self-Study course
  • Demonology & Deliverance 3 Strongholdsis availableas a Live & Interactive course

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