Prophecy 1

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Prophecy 1

The Rapture & Beyond


A 2-Part Series

Course Cost: $150 Includes Tuition & Materials

Our Self-Study courses are a brand new experience for our sessions at Paul Begley School ofProphecy! Self-Study allows you to:

  • Study at your own pace
  • Learn on your own schedule
  • Have exclusive access to the course instructor for Q&A
  • Catch up on missed sessions on our Series courses

In this 2-Part Series Learn about the world of Prophecy as we reveal the upcoming end timeevents in this powerful series, bringing the end times to reality.

Prophecy 1 is designed to give an overview on Biblical Prophecy and build a foundation forstudying prophecy. We will go deep into the 70 weeks of Daniel to set up a prophetic timelineand explore the Church age leading up to the Tribulation. Current events will be explored andhow it fits into the prophetic timeline.

Instructor: Jerry Ewalt

1st Course in a 2-Part Series

12 week course with 6 sessions

Self-Study Class

Exclusive access to the course Instructor for Q&A

Materials are all digital

Course Series:

  • Prophecy 1Foundations of Prophecyavailable as aSelf-Study course
  • Prophecy 2The Rapture & Beyondavailable as a Live& Interactive course

Payment Installment Plans are now available! For more information email a member of thePaulBegley School of Prophecy Administration Teamor call765-414-2230

Full & Partial Scholarships are available. You can apply for a Scholarship herePaul BegleySchool of Prophecy Scholarship Application