The Women of The Bible 1

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The Women of The Bible 1

The Matriarchs of the Nation of Israel

A 3-Part Series

Course Cost: $150 Includes Tuition & Materials

In this 3-Part Series In this 3 part series, the mothers of Israel will be brought alive to you likenever before in this series! We will sit with Mary at the foot of the cross, learn how to stand likeEsther with wisdom and grace, walk into the battlefield with Deborah, witness the faithfulness ofSarah, join in the struggles and triumphs of Leah & Rachel and so much more!

In The Women of The Bible 1, the Bible contains the lives and accounts of great men of God.But, let's not forget the amazing women as well! Step back into the time of the Old Testamentas we study the lives of Sarah, Rebekah, Leah, and Rachel...the founding mothers of the nationof Israel.

We will discover their weaknesses, their strengths, their trials and their triumphs. Learn howGod, in His love and grace, guided, sustained, and inspired these four women and the rolesthey played in the birth of a nation.

Instructor: Shelley Wheelon

1st Course in a 3-Part Series

12 week course with 6 sessions

Live & Interactive Class Experienced on the Zoom platform.

Begins January 26, 2023 and is every other Thursday at 6:30pm Est

Course Series:

  • Women of The Bible 1 The Matriarchs of The Nationof Israelis available as a Live & Interactivecourse
  • Women of The Bible 2 The Strong & Courageous Womenof The Old Testament Coming Soon!
  • Women of The Bible 3 Women in the Genealogy of JesusComing Soon!

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