Thoroughly Furnished Complete 6-disc Set

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Disc #1: Thoroughly Furnished
Congratulations and welcome to God's family. You have become a new Christian and follower of Jesus, filled with God's love, great joy, and excitement. But where do you go from here? Do I have to get baptized? In this study, Cindy Wolverton will become your Biblical guide, helping you to embrace your new beginning.
Did you know that just as you grow and develop in the physical world, you will also develop in the Spiritual? As you journey through this growth, God will be cleaning house along the way. Over time, He will be throwing out all the old furniture, from your old lifestyle, bad habits, and addictions, replacing them with incredible new Spiritual furnishings for your soul. What are these furnishings? Are you feeling overwhelmed with questions? Cindy will help to answer each one, assisting and directing you on your new spiritual journey.

Disc #2: Being a Witness
No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, you have a testimony to share. What is a testimony? It is witnessing to others, by sharing about your past, and how Jesus saved you from sin and death. Who would want to hear your testimony? You may think it isn’t inspiring but it may be just the encouraging words that a wayward soul needs to hear. Sharing your testimony, your unique experience of salvation, is a way of sharing the gospel with others. It will give others an example of how God can change their life.
Cindy Wolverton will teach you how to become a disciple of Jesus Christ, and how to witness to others.

Disc #3: Victory in Faith
Tests, Trials, and Tribulations, Oh My! The dreaded 3T's. When you became a new Christian, you probably thought, "now my life will be nothing but peaches and cream." Well, you soon found out, that is not the case. It is hard work to be a Christian. But what do I do when tests, trials and tribulations arise? Is this one of Satan's attacks, or is this from God?
Cindy Wolverton will help you to understand why things happen, and how to persevere through each situation. Just remember, you are never alone, Jesus will be with you every step of the way.

Disc #4: Operation of the Holy Spirit
You have heard of a Holy Ghost Revival and the Spirit of God being poured out. But have you ever wondered who the Holy Spirit was? What is His role was within the Blessed Holy Trinity? When we become a Christian, He comes to dwell within each believer, helping us to live a righteous and faithful life. He intercedes for us in prayer, when we do not know how to pray, he becomes our conscience, and so much more.
Did you know that even before you became a Christian, that the Holy Spirit was already at work speaking to your spirit, preparing you to accept Jesus as your beloved Savior?
Cindy Wolverton will open the Biblical doors, for you to learn and experience the supernatural within the Holy Spirit’s realm, and how He is with us each, and every day.

Disc #5: Gifts of The Holy Spirit
We all like to receive gifts, but the best gift that we could ever receive in our lifetime is our salvation. Our Heavenly Father loves to reward His beloved children with His many blessings. Some of these blessings are the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is an honor, and a great responsibility, to be empowered with these gifts. But what are these extraordinary gifts? Is it possible to be blessed with more than just one?
Cindy Wolverton will embrace each gift of the Holy Spirit, making it comfortable for you to understand, and possibly pray for God's anointing.

Disc #6: Mature Spiritual Qualities
In this physical world, our bodies develop as we age. We become mature physically but not always mentally. As it is also within the Spiritual realm, a Christian’s spiritual maturity, is measured by their relationship with God. One can be a Christian for many years, but yet still be like a newborn Christian, drinking the milk of the Word, being content right where they are in their walk. Am I still drinking Biblical milk, or am I eating of the spiritual meat? Where is my walk with God?
Cindy Wolverton wants to show you how to obtain the many qualities of a thoroughly furnished mature Christian. Helping you to examine your own spiritual maturity, and assisting you into a new realm in your development. Jesus wants you to trust Him fully and believe that you can do anything in His Holy Name.