Concerned With CERN DVD

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This webinar will be available January 27th at 6PM. 
>>> You will recieve email instructions to view this webinar at 6pm on the 27th. 

Are you ConCERNed about CERN? World Economic Forum, 2030 Agenda, New World Order? Are opening new portals? Are we in a global reset?

ConCERNed About Cern! World Economic Forum! 2030! And New World Order! Order your Tickets Today!

Doug Hagmann has a special report on the World Economic Forum!

Rex Bear of the Leak Project will talk about CERN

Stan Deyo of and will share about the New World Order!

Bishop Larry Ragland from Solid Rock Church, of Birmingham, AL!

Mike from around the world of the Council of Time  will reveal the global agenda!

Pastor Paul Begley brings the. beast kingdom in these apocalyptic categories!

Bart Begley, of BC Begley, will bring forth another amazing documentary!