In The Dark

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This special Halloween Night Webcast Includes: 

1.) Epitome of Evil- Body Parts Dealers-Heidi Begley
     Harvard University and Arkansas University are caught up in body parts being sold for nefarious uses.
2.) The Creepy Catacombs- Heidi Begley
    A look at the Catacombs around the world including a story of 50 children that were never found.
3.) Aliester Crowley- BC Begley
    Bart Begley gives a detailed biography of the author of evil for the modern day.
4.) Essence of Evil Pastor Paul & Heidi Begley
     A look at the Events of Oct 7th, 2023 and historical battles of Oct 7th that involved the Ottoman Empire. 
5.) Is Halloween Harmless -Pastor Paul Begley & Heidi Begley
    A look at the orgins of Halloween and how the occult has interwoven itself into our social fabric.