Planet X, What Next?

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New Webinar Available Friday, January 26th at 6PM

The Kuiper belt has mathematical evidence of a gravitational pull of a great giant! The Sun is increasingly irritated by something Planet X

Jessie Waltman of BP Earthwatch! tells of the increasing changes of the earth and the atmosphere and discusses the possibility of Planet X!
Stan Deyo of Stan Deyo discusses the effects of the sun and the earth and how we need to be ready for this.

Gill Broussard of Gill Broussard is going to talk about the effects of Planet X and the water events that will happen including the economic fallout

Rex Bear of Leak Project is going to discuss Hopi Prophecy in regards to Nibiru and more!

Pastor Paul Begley of Paul Begley Prophecy continues to discuss the long held beliefs by many that Planet X will be part of cyclic catastrophe that may align with Biblical accounts such as the flood.

Heidi Begley of the Passion Project will discuss the ancient scripts that discuss a solar flash

Mike from The Council of Time will discuss the sun's irritability and the effects it will have on the earth including increases in volcanoes and earthquakes.

Bart Charles Begley from BC Begley will bring another thought provoking documentary!

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