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The armies of the antichrist are amassing on the ancient plains of armageddon with one goal in site; none other than the prophetic time-piece that is Jerusalem.Pastor Paul Begley has gathered experts to layout and expose the diabolical plans that are ever encroaching our everyday lives with the intent to bring us all face to face with the evil one, the antichrist. Speakers are being added every day!


Armies Of The Antichrist
1. General Jerry Boykin
    Looking Into the Eyes of Evil
2. Bishop Athanasius Schneider
    Four Characteristics of the Antichrist
3. Pastor Paul Begley
    The Ten Kings of Revelation
4. Dr. Dave Robbins
    The Jerusalem Factor
5. Tim Chey
     Interview With The Antichrist
6. B.C. Begley
     Armies of the Antichrist
7. Mike From Around The World
    Inner Thoughts of the Antichrist

8. Col. David Giamonna & Troy Anderson
    Military Guide to Armageddon
9. Mark Biltz 
    Signs of the End Times
10. Steve Cioccolanti
    Persecution of the Church
11. Rex Bear
    Ancient Scripts of the End Times