Zombie Awakening DVD

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Zombie Awakening
Zombies on every hand ! You see it everywhere! Hollywood has made zombies commonplace in today's culture! But, what are zombies really?

They are the resurrected dead! Dead men walking! Cursed creatures crawling in and out of our video screens. Whether it be television, video games or YouTubes, zombies invade our daily lives.

But did you realize that the resurrection of the dead is very biblical? You can find it in
Daniel 12:2, John 5:29, Acts 24:15 and Isaiah 66:24.

Pastor Paul Begley will take you on a visual journey like none other where the resurrection of the damned delivers zombies on the face of the Earth, where the " worm will never die, their fire will never be quenched,band they will be a horror to all mankind Isaiah 66:24